Proceedings of the Sisyphian Society
Vol. I, No. 4. Best Ways to Find the Best, Part 1.

Summary: A gavel is donated, the Society begins a new fundraising endeavor, listeners launch a “fan” group with transcription efforts. In the main discussion, this first of two parts lays the foundation for the Society’s main project of finding the best products, services, and methods—introducing and depicting the problem to be solved.

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N.B.: For disclaimers, rules, and prefaces, see Vol. I, No. 1.

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Minutes of the Meeting.

For corrections to this issue, see errata of future issues.

The meeting of the Sisyphian Society was held on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, remotely, the co-chairs pro tempore being in the chairs and the secretary being present.

0:00:38 Refreshments. Called again for Dunkin’ to sponsor Proceedings. Discussed Kyle’s potentially misunderstood comments about Dunkin’ in Vol. I, No. 2. Played interview clip, sent in by Mr. A., to serve as apology. Praised Dunkin’s definitionally freshly made donuts. Discussed Dunkin’s name change.

0:05:41 Meeting called to order with first rap of the Fraudulent Gavel. Gavel was provided by Sorkness Machine, “your first choice for custom manufacturing needs”, marking Society’s first tangible gift from a listener and first corporate patron since publication of Proceedings began. Discussed questionable Lincoln Logs-esque audio profile of gavel and sounding block; authentic Apexstone gavel Kyle assumes Sorkness Machine purchased [buy on Amazon]; (non-Apexstone) gavel Kyle actually received [buy on Amazon], (poorly) wrapped in Apexstone packaging. Considered investigating vast underground counterfeit-gavel industry. Discussed using hardcover copy of Robert’s Rules of Order [buy on Amazon] as sound-deadening foundation. Called for other corporate patronage.

0:11:06 Introduced topic of main discussion, to occupy second half of this meeting.

0:14:30 Discussed duration of Proceedings. Discussed indulgence from Vol. I, No. 3, typical podcast formats and lengths, and lengths of most-popular radio show in America (The Rush Limbaugh Show) and most-popular podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience [which had been discussed with regard to Spotify in Vol. I, No. 3]). Cited analysis from JRE Facts (not to be confused with Java Runtime Environment). Mentioned longest episode of Rogan’s podcast (featuring Alex Jones), interdimentional vampires, old sense of apology.

0:19:29 Addressed elephant no longer in room: Matt’s audio.

0:20:35 Errata.

Mentioned Tyler Compromise of 2020. [See Vol. I, No. 3.]

0:32:14 Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

0:32:23 Discussed renaming “Updates” to “Follow-Up”. Matt moved to “give into the modern fads and call this ‘Follow-Up’.” The motion was adopted.

0:34:07 Discussed whether and precisely when to rap gavel upon adoption of motions. Again cited Robert’s Rules of Order [buy on Amazon]. To prevent men bursting through doors, will attempt to use gavel in this way.

0:35:36 Follow-Up.

0:55:46 Announcements.

0:58:33 Appealed to listeners who are not friends or family members of Matt or Kyle to leave voicemail message, for sake of demographic data. [See Correspondence for instructions.]

0:58:53 Treasurer’s report: Society has joined Amazon’s affiliate program. Society will earn small commission on qualifying purchases made, by listeners, using “buy on Amazon” links in minutes. Details available at Disclosures.

1:00:09 Discussed Kyle’s lifelong love of baseball, baseball cards, and baseball cards of Christy Mathewson in particular. Kyle requested a T206 Christy Mathewson HOF Portrait Piedmont 150 PSA 8.5 POP 1 NONE HIGHER slabbed baseball card [buy on Amazon] from listeners or (aspiring) patrons.

1:03:03 General Correspondence.

1:05:21 Main discussion, on best ways to find the best (Part 1).

1:56:06 Next meeting’s topic will be Best Ways to Find the Best, Part 2. Hope to give listeners a “fun” issue after that.

1:56:42 Again thanked Sorkness Machine for patronage and called for more corporate patrons. Hope to provide method of non-corporate patronage soon.

1:57:13 Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kyle, secretary

“How do any of you have time for hobbies?! Isn’t your whole life just a series of discovering things that are broken that need you to go fix them?!”